Does it feel like all the fun, joy and intimacy in your relationship has been absent for too many years? Maybe you are not sure what went wrong.

Has communication between you and a significant other been difficult for a while? The distance between you and your partner seems only to grow?

Are you both getting tired of how this distance is affecting your happiness together both outside and inside the bedroom?

Maybe you have had to deal with the devastating effects of infidelity, and perhaps it feels like you just started taking each other for granted, maybe you haven’t felt loved for years.

Life took over, kids, ageing parents, ill health, work stress, the list goes on. On the surface, everything looks good, but behind closed doors, it feels very different.

E-mail me or book an introductory telephone session and start moving towards happiness and understanding.

Frustrations, resentments and miscommunication can start dominating our once loving and intimate connection. We can begin to feel like this is not what we signed up for, that we don’t feel supported, that we can’t be ourselves with each other.

I have many years’ experience of working with couples during the most challenging times to either help navigate separation or reconnect with the intimacy we crave.

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