How Sex Might Change During and After Pregnancy

Many couples are thrilled to find out that they will soon be expecting a baby. Hours are spent thinking about the details of a family growing. Then reality suddenly dawns,  how will being pregnant affect their sex life? Will they even have a sex life anymore? While there are no medical reasons that couples can’t have sex during a normal and...[ read more ]

You Are Not Alone: Finding Support as a Male Sexual Abuse Survivor

On an almost daily basis, we hear stories of female sexual harassment and abuse in the media. Sadly, male sexual abuse is common, but the media and society underreport the issue in general. One US-based study found that 1 in 6 boys experience some form of sexual abuse by the age of 18. Other research suggests the ratio may be...[ read more ]

Here Are Four Ideas That Could Help Transform Your Intimate Relationship.

Giving other people advice is easy, following it yourself is much harder. So when I am in danger of falling into that trap, I remember four personal philosophies by which I try to practice regularly. Look for the good in the other Sometimes it is easier to criticise our partner rather than understand our contribution to a feeling of negatively...[ read more ]

Feeling Angry and Frustrated With Your Partner These Tips May Help

Many couples who come for therapy usually cite frustration with their partner as one of the significant issues they face. This frustration often is from unmet and unexplained expectations. Expectations play a huge role in relationship health. Couples who are frustrated find themselves saying things like 'You weren't very supportive of me when I quit my job' or 'Again, you...[ read more ]

Micro-Cheating and It’s Risk To Relationships

If there are any natural boundaries at all to prevent infidelity, they are so diffuse and easily crossed that their existence is barely recognisable. Micro-cheating is relationship terminology pointing to small behaviours that both approach and potentiate possible betrayal. In my clinical practice, I see more couples than ever arguing about partners' decisions around interactions with extra-marital acquaintances which feel...[ read more ]

How to Talk to a Loved One About Their Anger

Anger is a normal emotion; one that everyone experiences from time to time, and one that is healthy when expressed appropriately. However, for some people, anger is an emotion they express far too frequently and is harmful and hurtful. Their anger gets out of control and begins to affect their life negatively and seriously. If you have a loved one...[ read more ]

How to Address Your Partner’s Sexist Behavior or Comments

One issue that many women face is being subjected to sexism within their relationship; sadly, we are often not taught how to see it, react to it, or correct it. For straight women, sexism is a problem they will likely face throughout their relationships. Being raised in a patriarchal society, women are often taught that they are inferior to men...[ read more ]

Staying Together After the Affair Part 2

The discovery of an affair is a devasting for everyone involved. Below are some thoughts to help you navigate this time. It is Essential That You End the Affair: It is just not possible to work on your relationship if there is a third party waiting in the wings for you. You cannot be emotionally present in the work if...[ read more ]

Staying Together After the Affair Part 1.

This can be the most painful time when you discover the person you trusted the most has betrayed you. Below are some thoughts to help you navigate this time. Constructive Expression of Your Feelings: All your feelings are valid, but abuse be it verbal, physcail or emtional toward your partner is not. If you have a goal to repairing your...[ read more ]

What is EMDR?

Eye Movement Desentisation and Reprocessing therapy or EMDR, is a set of standardised protocols that incorporate elements from many different treatment approaches, it has been researched extensively and proven effective for the treatment of trauma. Issues that EMDR is very useful in treating include: Panic attacks Anxiety disorders including OCD Body Dysmorphic Disorder Depression Grief and Mourning, Complicated grief Complex...[ read more ]

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