“Who Takes the Lead?” Advice for Balancing the Power in Your Relationship

When it comes to relationships, it seems there is often a driving force behind the couple or one partner who appears always to have the upper hand. This partner is the one most often in control of the relationship.     Taking the Lead However, what does it mean to have control in a relationship? For one partner to have...[ read more ]

6 Great Ways to Deepen Your Relationship Bond

Love is a beautiful thing, and there’s nothing more amazing than feeling the bond you share with your partner get stronger. If you’re in a happy relationship, you can keep it that way by introducing a few new things into your relationship. Here are 6 evidence-based approaches that will help you enjoy a more fulfilling connection.Listen- Listening is a great way...[ read more ]

Understanding Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT) for Couples

For those who aren't familiar with Emotionally-Focused Therapy, (EFT) this is a short introduction. This approach is central to the way I practice. Identifying your emotion (for example; I feel annoyed when you don't take out the rubbish) is at the centre of the approach. However, more specifically it is about experiencing the emotion, slowly and patiently, with your partner...[ read more ]

Are You Playing the Blame Game? Here’s Why You Need to Stop

Blame and game – two words that should never be joined together. The truth is, the blame game is no fun to play, and there are never any winners. Moreover, perhaps, the biggest loser of all is the one who is doing all the blaming. When we blame others, we lose our power. Remaining stuck in our feelings of anger,...[ read more ]

How to Fit Romance Back into Your Scheduled Sex Life

It is the natural course of things in any romantic relationship: as time passes, the excitement and butterflies give way to routine. You begin to feel like you know what to expect from your partner, and you have heard all their stories. While your love for your partner has grown and matured along with your relationship, it is not uncommon...[ read more ]

Swiping Left: Tips on Dealing with Unwanted Romantic Attention Online

Many of us are all too familiar with this uncomfortable scenario: someone initially catches your eye, but for one reason or another you lose interest. After letting them know you've changed your mind and are no longer interested, they keep messaging you. Alternatively, perhaps you've never been interested in someone, but they seem to think you're wrong about your feelings...[ read more ]

Is Casual Sex Good or Bad for Your Mental Health?

Call it a one-night stand, a hookup, "friends with benefits," or "Netflix and chill" – all these terms are synonymous with a casual sexual encounter, which according to a 2014 study published in the Journal of Sex Research has had a modest increase in frequency since 1988. As casual sex grows in popularity, the question of its effects on an...[ read more ]

Starting Over: Dating After the Death of a Significant Other

Whether it's expected or sudden, losing a partner is always a devastating heartbreak. The finality of the loss of the love of your life and the idea that you will move forward in the world without them by your side might be one of the most difficult challenges you will face. If you’ve suffered the death of a significant other,...[ read more ]

4 Ways a Healthy Sex Life Supports Good Mental Health

Every person has essential human needs. When we don't get those needs met, our mental and sometimes physical health can suffer as a result, when we think of fundamental human needs, food, shelter, and water come to mind. However, healthy sex life is also a critical component to create a full and happy life for many people. While it's not...[ read more ]

What’s the Difference Between Tic Disorder and Tourette Syndrome?

Many people confuse a tic disorder with Tourette syndrome. While both have a connection to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and while treating OCD can have a profound effect on symptoms of tic and Tourette’s, each disorder has its own unique set of symptoms and treatment modalities. Diagnosing Tics Tics are sudden, repetitive twitches, movements or sounds that happen relatively involuntarily....[ read more ]

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