Ending a Causal Relationship

Nowadays, it might seem like causal relationships are more common than serious ones. You might call it an open relationship or a friend with benefits, but they all amount to the same thing: a relationship that is sexual but without any form of commitment attached to it. Causal relationships can be fun and fulfilling. They can provide companionship and sexual...[ read more ]

3 Reasons to Stay Single (At Least For a While) After a Breakup

“Dust yourself off and start all over again…” “Get right back on that horse…” These are just some of the common phrases we use to support the idea that trying something after it didn’t go so well the first time is a good idea. And in many instances, this is the right attitude. But there is something to be said...[ read more ]

5 Benefits of Sex After 60

Life sometimes seems like it is passing us by fast. It seems one minute you are avoiding eye contact with your parents as they awkwardly tell you about the birds and the bees, and the next minute? You are 'of an age' where you are not considered a sexual being anymore. That's right, as soon as you hit the big...[ read more ]

How Chronic Illness Can Affect Your Mental Health

If you are suffering from a chronic illness, you are not alone. Almost half of the population is currently battling some form of chronic physical disease. Some of the most common examples of chronic illnesses are: Epilepsy HIV/AIDS Endometriosis Lupus Arthritis Diabetes Heart disease Fibromyalgia Many people suffering from chronic illness can become depressed. It is estimated that roughly one-third of...[ read more ]

Respectful Ways to End a Contentious Conversation

One thing we all have in common is that we don’t always agree with one another. Over time we have come to accept that there are times when we must respectfully disagree with someone and move forward. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly tricky often to agree to disagree in today's divided society. Television and social media reflect the strain political...[ read more ]

Life on the Spectrum: Getting Tested for Autism as an Adult

Today, awareness of autism is at an all-time high. As an adult, you may look back on your childhood and realise that you have possibly had an autism diagnosis overlooked. If you are a parent, you may have come to realisations about yourself observing behaviours in your child. However, you have come to notice the signs. You may suspect that...[ read more ]

4 Ways to Improve Communication in Your Relationship

If you're reading this blog post, chances are you, and your significant other have hit a snag in the relationship. Maybe you're spending less time with each other, and you've grown apart. Alternatively, perhaps you do little else than argue these days. All relationships go through their ups and downs. No matter the good intentions of the individuals or how...[ read more ]

Should You Date If You Have Depression?

Dating is challenging for everyone. However, when you suffer from depression, dating can feel scary and overwhelming. Not only do you feel particularly raw and vulnerable to possible rejection, but should a connection be made, you have the added burden of figuring out how and when to tell the person about depression. Should people with depression date? If the person...[ read more ]

Four Essential Relationship Elements of a Lasting Love

When we are young, we are often taught how to share and play well with others. Somehow as adults, these early lessons do not always translate into building and maintaining loving relationships. However, it is never too late to learn new life skills, and creating healthy relationships is one of the most important skills you can cultivate. The following are...[ read more ]

Five Tips for Safely Navigating the ‘Non-Exclusive’ Dating World

Being out in the dating world can be an exciting experience. There are moments of fun and laughter, as well as awkwardness and disappointment. All the while, you anticipate finding chemistry and connection with someone. If you are dating and looking just for fun and possible friendship you are going to be meeting lots of people. Keep your dating adventures...[ read more ]

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