Should You Date If You Have Depression?

Dating is challenging for everyone. However, when you suffer from depression, dating can feel scary and overwhelming. Not only do you feel particularly raw and vulnerable to possible rejection, but should a connection be made, you have the added burden of figuring out how and when to tell the person about depression. Should people with depression date? If the person...[ read more ]

Four Essential Relationship Elements of a Lasting Love

When we are young, we are often taught how to share and play well with others. Somehow as adults, these early lessons do not always translate into building and maintaining loving relationships. However, it is never too late to learn new life skills, and creating healthy relationships is one of the most important skills you can cultivate. The following are...[ read more ]

Five Tips for Safely Navigating the ‘Non-Exclusive’ Dating World

Being out in the dating world can be an exciting experience. There are moments of fun and laughter, as well as awkwardness and disappointment. All the while, you anticipate finding chemistry and connection with someone. If you are dating and looking just for fun and possible friendship you are going to be meeting lots of people. Keep your dating adventures...[ read more ]

Tips for Dealing with Grief Around Summer Holidays

As we head into summer, many people are already getting their backyards and patios ready for big family BBQ’s and holiday get-togethers. Summer is a time for relaxing and having some fun with the people you love the most. However, the summer holiday get-togethers can be exceptionally hard to handle when you are grieving the recent death of a loved...[ read more ]

Does Your Partner Have Postpartum Depression? 5 Signs to Watch

The birth of a new baby can bring joy and wonder into our lives. But for many women, the first days and weeks after delivery are mentally and emotionally extremely challenging as a result of the massive hormonal changes the body is going through. Hormonal shifts, severe sleep deprivation and high cultural expectations new mothers can feel to instantly bond...[ read more ]

6 Ways that Alcohol Makes Depression Worse

A great many alcoholics are also suffering from major depression. Because alcohol can feed our brain's serotonin receptors, it can make someone feel good for a short amount of time. However, eventually, the person crashes and feels even worse than they did before. Also, this vicious cycle continues and is, unfortunately, very hard to break without asking for professional help....[ read more ]

I had an affair, I want to save my relationship, what do I do?

First off, please know that you are not alone. There are many reasons why people have affairs and even more reasons why people want to stay in their relationships. The first step is to stop cheating, and this might sound simple or difficult. Whatever it means for you, a strong, healthy, secure relationship is not possible when there is ongoing...[ read more ]

How Sex Might Change During and After Pregnancy

Many couples are thrilled to find out that they will soon be expecting a baby. Hours are spent thinking about the details of a family growing. Then reality suddenly dawns,  how will being pregnant affect their sex life? Will they even have a sex life anymore? While there are no medical reasons that couples can’t have sex during a normal and...[ read more ]

You Are Not Alone: Finding Support as a Male Sexual Abuse Survivor

On an almost daily basis, we hear stories of female sexual harassment and abuse in the media. Sadly, male sexual abuse is common, but the media and society underreport the issue in general. One US-based study found that 1 in 6 boys experience some form of sexual abuse by the age of 18. Other research suggests the ratio may be...[ read more ]

Here Are Four Ideas That Could Help Transform Your Intimate Relationship.

Giving other people advice is easy, following it yourself is much harder. So when I am in danger of falling into that trap, I remember four personal philosophies by which I try to practice regularly. Look for the good in the other Sometimes it is easier to criticise our partner rather than understand our contribution to a feeling of negatively...[ read more ]

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