Does it feel like everything is falling apart even though on the surface everyone thinks you have it together?

Are you tired of being tired all the time?

Why is it so hard to relax, why do you feel stressed?

You seem to live in a constant state of worry, anxiety, maybe even panic?

Your loved ones talk about you uptight but you know that it is not who you are, you long to find your old self again.

Book a free telephone consult or email me, read the blog article, “Top Five Ways to Reduce Anxiety” and start feeling less alone.

I provide practical support when you find that you have had enough of stress dictating your everyday.

Anxiety impacts every aspect of life, our psychological well-being but also our physical and relationship health. It may seem like this is a never-ending battle, but I know that there is a way out, a path back to who you are.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can speed up the process of moving through the worry and help you get your quality of life back.

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